Tabitha, Co manager of Social media

There are numerous things Tabitha loves doing in her free time. She loves
role-playing table top games and play with her husband and friends
frequently. Outside of the gamer-world she loves the mountains, going to
the zoo, and discovering locally owned diners.

Tabitha and her husband have 4 cats. Their Siamese is the alpha, their
short hair black cat is the sweet one, their Tortie is their shy one, and
their newest addition is a grey and white tabby with too much energy! Plus
Tabitha’s husband is getting in to the snake breeding business. They
currently have 7 corn snakes and one milk snake in their collection.

Tabitha went to Westwood College and got a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal
Justice. She was going to use this degree for the legal help of animal
rescuing but didn’t have the heart to see what cruelty pets can face. Plus,
after her life experiences after college she felt her true calling was in
feline fostering and getting them healthy.

Maria, Receptionist

Maria loves to be outside going on adventures in nature during her free
time. Maria has three amazing pets, her older dog Buster that she has had
ever since she has been young. Her cat named Persian and of course her
Betta fish Remi. Maria is currently not in school, but desires to become a
vet tech one day.

Cintia, Vet Assistant

Cintia or better known as CC went to Pima medical institute, and now works as a vet Assistant for Woodlawn Vet Hospital. She is a Colorado native from
Denver. She loves to read and try new food. On the rare occasion she also
enjoys going snowboarding. She has one cat named Jasper.

Emilia, Vet Assistant

Emilia has always loved animals, and when younger would always pretend she was one especially a lion. She has always grown up around animals, her love only growing for them throughout the years. When she was 13 she was
involved in 4H with her Collie Rusty and won overall grand champion in
obedience in the Country fair her first year. Emilia currently has two
dogs, two cats and a betta fish. She hopes to one day own a bearded dragon.
In her free time she loves to be with her family and friends, spending time
out on her grandparents farm, read, write, travel and do photography.
Emilia is currently going to school at Arapahoe Community College, majoring
in Commercial Photography.

Kristina, Head Nurse (CVT)

Kristina graduated from Bel-Rea at the top of her class in 2005.  She’s been a fixture at Woodlawn since 2009, and she’s always looking for ways to make the hospital better. She is the mother of three daughters and the proud owner of a beagle, Copper. Her favorite pastimes include softball, fishing, horses and spending time with her family.

Dr. Lisa Pepmeyer

Dr. Lisa is a relief veterinarian who has filled in at Woodlawn for close
to 20 years. She is a 1986 graduate at CSU’s college of veterinary medicine
and a Colorado native. She lives in Elbert County with six cats, three
horses and an assortment of out of control vegetation. She is slightly
confused about the concepts of “free time” and “hobbies” but she does enjoy
sleeping and reading.

Dr. Bradley Benson

Dr. Bradley Benson (Dr. B) has always had a passion for taking care of animals. Dr. B grew up in Nebraska, working with and taking care of the farm animals and hunting dogs. He was always intrigued with the natural instincts of their hunting dog, a Brittany Spaniel, named Rusty.

Dr. B earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska. He went on to study veterinary medicine at Ohio State University earning his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in 1988. Dr. B practiced small animal medicine in several states before settling in Colorado. He purchased the hospital in 2014.

Dr. B’s professional and business life keeps him busy but in his spare time he enjoys being outdoors with his black Lab Annie. He is also an avid fan of the Broncos and Buckeye football teams.