Wet Nose News: April 2013

At Northwest NeighborhoodVeterinary Hospital we have been busy getting ready for Spring. We have a new logo, fresh paint and benches in our lobby and are displaying amazing art from the talented acrylic artist, Ron Kiino.

We are excited to welcome Dr. Meghan Hook to our hospital family as well as welcome back Dr. Kim Maun. Next time you are in the hospital, be sure to ask Dr. Maun about her wonderful adventures during her year sabbatical. Yet it saddens us to say goodbye to Dr. Colleen Flaherty. Dr. Flaherty had a baby boy in January and is moving back to the Northeast to be closer to her family. We wish her much success and happiness.

For the next few weeks, we will donate 50 cents to Portland Animal Welfare Team   (PAW Team) for each new Facebook Like. Paw Team helps people and pets stay together by providing veterinary care for pets of people in poverty.

Happy Spring!

Scott Shuler, DVM

Carrie Fleming, DVM

Nick Gowing, DVM

Becky Prull, DVM

Kim Maun, DVM

Meghan Hook, DVM