Staff Highlight

Wendy-Lin Peterson (Certified Veterinary Technician)

Why do I choose to work in veterinary medicine? It’s certainly not for money or fame. From my earliest memories, I have always had a bond with the animal world. My mom likes to tell the story of 5-year-old me sitting in the walkway towards the High Desert Museum, waiting for 45 minutes for a chipmunk to eat out of my hand…and yes, it finally did! I have respect and appreciation for the beauty of animals. It is a passion of mine to advocate for these furry, feathered and sometimes scaly creatures we share our homes with. The best way I can do that is by educating the public and “walking the talk.”

I have worked with all sorts of animals, from wildlife (at Chintimini Wildlife Center and Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center) to reptiles, amphibians and aquatics (at Brad’s World Reptiles, Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo and Disney’s Animal Kingdom) to our most treasured dogs, cats, birds and pocket pets (at Oak Hills Veterinary Clinic, Multnomah County, Heartland Humane Society and now Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital).

I was lucky enough to foster a sick little stray kitten who was abandoned at my clinic when I first started my veterinary medicine career in 2007. That kitten has transformed into a well-trained but very opinionated cat named Phoenix. In addition to tolerating me brushing his teeth and medicating his eyes everyday, he knows an ever-growing list of tricks, including: sit, shake, roll over, sit pretty, high five and play dead. Much more impressive than my corn snake, Captain Steubing, who spends most of his time finding the best dark corner to hide in. I feel grateful to be a part of the Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary team, and I look forward to meeting you and your furry family members soon. Together we can give them long, happy and healthy lives.