Staff Highlight

Dave LyBarger (Certified Veterinary Technician)

I am one of the certified veterinary technicians here at Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital. I have worked for Dr. Shuler since he purchased the practice in 2008. As a technician, I feel fortunate to work and live in such an animal-friendly community. I have two dogs, a heeler mix named Tex and a border collie mix named Katie. I met Tex through a local rescue group we work with; he came in because he had a severe leg injury that required surgery. I knew he would recover well because we have such a great team of doctors and certified veterinary technicians that care for our surgical patients. I adopted Katie last year, and she has been a welcome addition to our family. I often bring both of them to work with me, and one of their favorite pastimes is begging for treats from my coworkers. In my spare time, I enjoy taking backpacking trips, playing ball with my dogs and exploring Portland.