Services for Seniors and Homeless Families at Friendly House

As we start to think about the holidays and staying warm and dry, our attention is drawn to those families that need help feeding their children both two and four-legged. We are teaming up with our neighbors at Friendly House’s Services for Seniors and Homeless Families to help provide food for both people and pets. Until the end of the year, Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital will be donating a pound of dog and cat food to Friendly House’s Emergency Food Pantry for every pound of food
(both people and pet) or supplies donated at our hospital.

The Friendly House Emergency Food Pantry seeks to provide nutritious, culturally appropriate, and easy to prepare food for low income clients and participants of Friendly House progams. High protein, easy to chew items and nutritional drinks, such as Boost or Ensure are particularly good for seniors. Food stamps will not pay for sanitary items, therefore supplies such as toilet paper, female sanitary products and bath products are greatly appreciated.

Friendly House’s program for seniors and homeless families provides key areas of assistance. They help seniors stay in their homes by providing housekeeping services and bathing assistance. Friendly House staff also offer classes, workshops, special events and outings to enrich daily living and reduce isolation. Their Information and Assistance Specialists help navigate complex systems like housing assistance, Medicare/Medicaid, and legal aid. They provide case management to families experiencing homelessness to help them transition into safe, affordable, stable housing. And they support domestic violence survivors with art therapy classes.

Many of these people request food for their dogs and cats as well. If we can provide food for their pets, hopefully we’ll be able to keep their families together and maintain the very important human-animal relationship. Please help us by donating non-perishable human food items as well as pet toys and treats. We will have a bin set-up in the lobby of our hospital as well as a more information on Friendly House’s Services for Seniors and Homeless Families.