Puppy Education

We recently attended a seminar from Dr. Ian Dunbar and would like to share these documents with you. They contain important information on how best to prepare and take care of your new family addition. You may not have a puppy now, but if you know anyone who is considering adopting one, please pass this on to him or her.

Before You Get Your Puppy

Written to be highly informative, this comprehensive document guides you through all the research and preparations necessary before getting a new puppy. These include a detailed timeline of developmental deadlines, individual breed facts to help you make an informed decision, an extensive array of puppy training instructions, and other important pre-adoption information. This detailed eBook will give you the proper tools and education to be completely prepared for the arrival of your new puppy.

After You Get Your Puppy

The first few months after adopting a new puppy are critical to its social development and set the foundation for its adult temperament and behavior. This eBook addresses this important phase by teaching new owners important information regarding house training, socialization, reward and punishment, bite inhibition and much more. Remember, the lessons you teach your puppy will stay with them for life, making it important to train them consistently and correctly from day one. This document is a must-have for all new puppy owners.