Pet Spotlight: Sketchy Kitty

We have our own resident clinic cat. If you happened to walk behind the scenes, you may spot an older gray lady napping on the back counter in her basket, under the microscope cover. Because she is prone to matting, she may be sporting a particularly striking lion cut.

Sketchy came into Dr. Shuler’s life when he was in veterinary school, and lived with Dr. Shuler and Dr. Fleming until she chose hanging out with other animals over living with a toddler. She was relocated to the clinic and has never looked back.

An older lady, Sketchy has different sized pupils due to an inner ear condition, and has a very high-pitched scream in place of a typical meow. She’s developed arthritis and takes medications, but otherwise she’s holding her own. She’s a spirited creature and – like a true Portlander – loves her food. She has been known to crawl into open bags of cat or dog food, and has a penchant for “Cheese It” crackers – along with sunbeams, large dogs, and screaming at the top of her lungs to anyone who will listen.

We love her very much. She is at times our clinic counselor; and in exchange, she has a handcrafted sweater, a hair stylist, and several personal assistants at her beck and call. She tolerates a great deal, except for anything that is not her idea.