Pet Spotlight: Sid and Mimi

The Gift that Keeps on Giving! 

My name is Sid and this is my story. On a blustery and frigid day in January 2009, I was abandoned and running across Millikan Road. I was scared, my leg was hurt badly and I was being chased by a bunch of people who had pulled over in their cars and were trying to “catch” me. I  darted under a parked van, hoping to avoid capture.  After biting one pursuer, a very brave and calm woman named Juliette crawled under the van, threw a blanket on me, scooped me up and off we went.  Her husband repeatedly asked, “What are we going to do with this little dog?” I finally popped out of the blanket and gave Juliette a kiss.  She laughed and cried and then said, “We’re taking him home.”

My new parents are amazing.  After trying to find my previous owner (I kept my paws crossed they wouldn’t), they took me to NW Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital for a physical. My leg needed surgery and Dr. Gowing recommended a fabulous specialist.  After surgery, my rehab included swimming.  My parents spared no expense or amount of love on me.  Life is so good.

My name is Mimi and this is my story.  On a sunny warm day in June 2010, a woman and her dog came to Silverton to check me out.  I only weighed one pound, smelled badly and was living in a barn.  A few minutes later, I found myself in the front seat of her vehicle sitting next to a Chihuahua named Sid.  I immediately fell in love with my parents and felt so loved and happy not to be sleeping in a barn anymore.  More importantly, Sid and I became best friends.  We really love each other and are inseparable.  Life is so good.

Sid and I also have another home away from home which is NW Neighborhood Vet.  Mary and the gang take incredible care of us.  We couldn’t be more thankful or lucky to have such a wonderful place to stay when we are not travelling with our parents. We are two very lucky dogs.

Happy Holidays

Sid and Mimi