Pet Spotlight: The Mighty Thor

Mighty Thor’s name preceded him: For years, I would housesit for my best friend when she and her family went on vacation. Her voicemail message went something like this: “We’re out of town until such and such a datehowever, if you would like to leave a message for Marilyn and Thor, please do so after the beep.” There was never a Thor. Thor was an imaginary character, concocted by my friend to sound very protective and mighty with me all alone in the house.

That said, he should have been named “Hoover” for his extensive vacuuming abilities, which usually land him on the exam table at Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital.

Mighty Thor is always happy! I make up songs about him and sing them to him as he “conducts” the orchestra with his tail. He volunteers as a greeter at a local hospital. He’s super silly and sometimes serious and cerebral. He snorts like a piglet; and, his snores rumble like thunder. (His namesake would be proud. I would never sleep with a man who snores as much-or as loudly-as Mighty Thor!) When I close my eyes and see myself in silhouette, it’s always with an added appendage-one with hairy Grinch-like feet. He keepsme in sight all the time and “sticks” to me like Velcro.

Deemed “unsuitable” and returned to the breeder by his original “owners,” I am convinced that my Second-Chance Sweetheart was just waiting for me. I was thinking of getting a cavalier puppy until he walked out the breeder’s front door and straight into my heart. He wanted a home; I wanted a dog. And so our story began…

Mighty Thor was Dr. Shuler’s first patient when he and Dr. Fleming acquired the practice in May 2008. Thank you everyone at Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital for taking such wonderful care of my HeartThorb!

Marilyn Wien