Parasite Control – For Your Pet’s Health…And Yours!

Not only are parasites dangerous for our pets, they can be dangerous to us as well! Some common pet parasites may be transmitted from pets to people. Roundworm transmission, for instance, is the most common cause of juvenile blindness in the U.S.  Studies show that up to 14% of people in the US have been infected with roundworms. Likewise, fleas and ticks transmit many dangerous diseases to both pets and people and lead to pain, discomfort and in rare cases, death. Heartworm Disease is also on the rise in the northwest! The good news? All are easily avoidable with a safe and highly effective monthly medication that helps keep your pet – and your family – protected! Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital wants to make the decision to protect your entire family easier. Reach out to us today to learn more and ask us about any available medication offers at 503-427-9148.