Two New Exciting and Nutritious Lines of Maintenance Food Available

Northwest NeighborhoodVeterinary Hospital now carries Science Diet’s grain-free dog and cat food called Ideal Balance, as well as Hill’s Veterinary Exclusive Healthy Advantage Diets.

Ideal Balance Grain-Free cat and dog food focus on a holistic approach for maintenance health. The short list of ingredients begins with fresh chicken, vegetables, fruits-including cranberry, and essential vitamins and minerals. Limited animal protein sources help minimize food sensitivity, and no corn, wheat, soy, beef or artificial flavors are found in the diet.

Healthy Advantage Veterinary Exclusive diets are formulated as preventative nutrition for growing and full grown pets. The puppy and kitten diets are rich in vitamins, proteins and omega fatty acids to help promote skin/coat health, immunity, mobility, digestion and weight management. The adult dog and cat diets provide a wonderful balance of benefits for a healthy adult pet. Essential health needs are met by combining a kibble size that promotes dental health, a caloric friendly recipe, highly digestible and quality ingredients as well as omega fatty acids. The canine diet concentrates on mobility support by providing natural glucosamine and chondrotin. The feline diet spotlights urinary pH health by controlling phosphorus and containing lower levels of magnesium.

There are many dog and cat food choices available today. Nutritional counseling is part of every medical exam at Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital. Please ask our veterinarians about which diet would be a good choice for your pet today!