International Pet Travel Consultant

At Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital we take the stress and confusion out of traveling with your pet. We live in a global world and our pets go with us everywhere; whether travel to visit family, going to special pet-friendly events, or perhaps committing to a job relocation in another country. Whatever your needs, we can help you jump through the many health requirements for specific international or domestic destinations.

Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital has an International Travel Consultant, Erin Kash. She works hand-in-hand with our USDA accredited veterinarians to assist clients traveling abroad. Erin communicates with our Federal partners in Olympia to make sure all requirements have been met, for a smooth and worry-free trip. Our clients are provided with a detailed checklist to streamline this often daunting process. In addition to offering necessary core health requirements such as international microchip implantation, vaccinations, and rabies antibody testing (if needed), the veterinarians at Northwest Neighborhood provide a thorough examination with the utmost of care. Our goal is to ensure that you and your pet depart well informed, fully prepared, and with peace of mind.