With Independence Day right around the corner, it is important remember some basic fireworks pet safety. Pet hearing is much more sensitive than humans, making the loud explosions and shrieks especially frightening. A few simple tips can make this holiday much more tolerable for your cat or dog.

Fourth of July Tips

  • Owners should keep their pets indoors during fireworks displays. Many pets will panic, try to escape and wind up lost or injured.
  • Pets will seek secure locations to hide during fireworks shows. Common places include bathtubs, underneath beds and inside closets. Close the blinds or curtains to dampen the noise and remove the bright visuals. Turn on a few indoor lights and the television to provide familiarity and help calm your pet.
  • Have plenty of toys and treats available, these will help distract and soothe your pet by keeping their attention focused on positive stimuli.
  • If possible, check in on your pet regularly to reassure them that you are nearby and reduce separation anxiety.
  • After the holiday, sweep the yard and neighborhood for leftover fireworks, broken bottles or other party items. These are often toxic and can be dangerous choking hazards.