Introducing our Fabulous Certified Veterinary Technicians!

Behind the scenes at our clinic, you may have noticed several focused and attentive individuals. Our clinic hosts a crew of certified veterinary technicians (CVT) that we are truly proud to have. The role of the CVT is absolutely crucial in our work; they are with your pet before, during and after every procedure, from blood work to surgery to boarding. Each staff member comes to us with a fascinating range of experiences, backgrounds and interests – yet one thing they all share is a deep commitment to making our patients (your pets) as comfortable, safe and healthy as possible. In celebration of our talented and capable technical staff, we wanted to take a moment and introduce them to you. If your pet has spent any time at the clinic for a procedure, he or she has met them!

Becoming a CVT involves a rigorous training program, and involves a high level of commitment. Being a CVT is a generalist profession; radiology, anesthesia, blood work, surgery and dental procedures are a daily part of the job. Most, if not all of our CVT’s knew they wanted to work closely with animals in a healing capacity when they were children.

Keelie has been a CVT for ten years, and also is a certified canine massage therapist. Her focus has been in orthopedics but she loves every aspect of being a CVT, particularly helping animals transition out of anesthesia and making them more comfortable. She loves to “talk dog” with new dog owners or anyone who is willing!

Holly loves surgery and knowing how to get animals safely through the process; she loves to send home better animals. She, as well as many other CVTs, also volunteers with the Feral Cat Coalition.

Janna, originally from Portland, trained in New Orleans, after spending time with Habitat for Humanity helping out with the aftermath of Katrina. She enjoys the variety of the job and the one-on-one with patients; she also has an internship with the zoo, which she finds fascinating.

David has worked in the veterinary field for ten years and one of his favorite aspects of the job is the surgery process. He is also an avid hiker and fisherman.

Corinne appreciates the nursing aspect of the job; patient care, pain management, and looking after the animals. She spent a few years focusing on radiology – using CT scans and ultrasound technology for diagnosis. With all the tech team, she agrees the hardest part of the job is the loss, and she appreciates providing support through the bereavement process, having lost her own cat and dog in recent years.

We are fortunate to have such a dedicated, skilled and compassionate team of CVTs here to serve you. Next time you’re in, please don’t hesitate to say hello and “talk dog” or “cat” as the case may be!