Helping Pet Owners Become Great Pet Care Givers

When you visit Woodlawn Veterinary Clinic, you typically are coming in for a general checkup or vaccination boost, or you are dealing with a symptom your pet is experiencing. Our face-to-face connection with you occurs perhaps 1 to 6 times a year, but your face-to-face connection with your pet happens 365 days a year. How crazy would it be to not make your pet care education a prominent feature of our practice?


That’s why we’re providing a list of veterinary resources we believe are critical reading for pet owners. We hope you bookmark this page and take time out every once in a while to familiarize yourself with your pet’s needs and instincts.

Veterinary Links
Veterinary Handouts


The pet care education process is on us when you bring your pet into our clinic. We believe in lots of compassion and hands-on examination of your pet. We don’t rush him or her onto the examination table, we prefer to let your pet roam around the exam room floor—this gives us a much better idea of his or her natural demeanor.

We also use this time to get to know you. What’s your lifestyle like and how does it impact your pet? What’s your level of pet ownership experience? What are the joys and the challenges you have with pet ownership?

The answers to these questions—we believe—are of equal importance to the data we receive from our in-house lab, our X-ray machines, and any other our diagnostic tools.