Introducing our Amazing Client Care Coordinators!

Arielle (with Pippy), Katie (with Buffalo), Terri (with Sketchy) and Kimberly (with Copper)

They’ve answered your calls, helped you through some tough moments, and worked with you to find solutions. They keep their cool, and handle the front line with grace and competence. But how much do you really know about our Client Care Coordinators?

Not surprisingly, what drew each of the four women behind the front desk is deep commitment and passion for veterinary medicine and the care for creatures great and small. However, did you know that Kimberly is studying American Sign Language and has helped translate for a Deaf client? Or that Arielle started out at a no-kill cat sanctuary in Olympia, Washington, which set her on a path to working at Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital (NWNVH)?

The Client Care Coordinators are a vital part of our team – good communications, teamwork and collaboration are vital for running a smooth hospital. Each comes to NWNVH with a unique background and set of experiences and passions.   Katie, a native Oregonian, is finishing her studies in animal sciences and fisheries and wildlife at Oregon State, with an emphasis on animal behavior and conservation. Her heart is in humane education and rehabilitating abused pets; in her spare time, she looks after her menagerie of three dogs – the most recent a rescued bloodhound mix – and one cat. She is never happier than when playing with her family.

Arielle lives in the Northwest neighborhood and loves seeing clients out and about in the community. She started out at a large veterinary hospital as a doctor’s assistant, before moving to Portland and joining us. She is a big fan of “little white dogs” and has two dogs and cats of her own. Kimberly got involved with veterinary medicine back in high school, through an internship with a veterinary practice. She also has years of customer service experience, and enjoys bringing these elements together in her work at the clinic. Terri, also a native Oregonian, currently lives in Troutdale, where she loves the nature, rural environment, and exploring the gorge, Columbia River and abundance of waterfalls. She has two grown twin daughters, and appreciates the respect for the doctors and the medicine at the NWNVH. She values working with the team and the clients to respond to whatever situations come through the door.

We appreciate their grace under pressure and commitment to our animal family members!